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  1. Mian Alentajan
    Mian Alentajan
    7 hari yang lalu

    I love watching the MASTERS AND CREATORS of BTS 💜💜💜 great minds behind the phenomenal and biggest band in the world!!! pls make more videos MISCHIEFS!! ❤⚘🇵🇭

  2. Jungsun Hur
    Jungsun Hur
    7 hari yang lalu

    성득 쌤 나오셔서 너무 기뻤어요❤️ 자주 나오시면 좋겠네요❤️

  3. April Oviedo
    April Oviedo
    8 hari yang lalu

    I don’t see any more Mischief reaction videos! I need more of this in my life!

  4. Ace
    9 hari yang lalu

    tawang tawa ako sa exagerated na reaction sa dulo 😂 juskooo wala talagang matino sa bighit 😂😂😂😂

  5. April Oviedo
    April Oviedo
    9 hari yang lalu

    I legit feel intimidated watching them. Lol.

  6. Fancy Jancy
    Fancy Jancy
    10 hari yang lalu

    "Our little jungkook"

  7. 윤기나는 물만두
    윤기나는 물만두
    11 hari yang lalu

    손승득씨 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  8. 꾸기쑤기
    11 hari yang lalu

    꾸러기즈 형님들 역시 최측근인지라 새로운 시선의 리액션 좋네여

  9. Sylvia Dyson
    Sylvia Dyson
    11 hari yang lalu

    I enjoyed your reaction video and unique perspectives. Thanks for doing this. How about Permission To Dance now?

  10. vasudha mishra
    vasudha mishra
    11 hari yang lalu

    This video is so wholesome 🥰🥺 we need more reaction videos from the 'mischiefs'🤣

  11. starbreez
    11 hari yang lalu

    It was so refreshing seeing bangtan through your eyes, thank you! i have even deeper admiration for them now 💜

  12. 포도당
    12 hari yang lalu


  13. Aya Baltazar
    Aya Baltazar
    12 hari yang lalu

    I love these three together! More videos with the 83z plsss hahahahahah

  14. r m
    r m
    12 hari yang lalu

    so much respect for these people~^^ thank you for this reaction!

  15. mitthi 삼곡yuu 유미 자
    mitthi 삼곡yuu 유미 자
    12 hari yang lalu

    일본어 자막 도 주세요. 부탁 해.

  16. Daydream Hope
    Daydream Hope
    12 hari yang lalu

    I agree with Pdogg 100%, the rapline have only limited time to sing or even get lines for the rap part. So they don't have enough time to show their charm and to get shine. *i'm just really hoping that BTS will make more rap songs after this, or at least give more lines for the rapline in their song*

    13 hari yang lalu

    Play Slow

  18. 이매그놀리아
    13 hari yang lalu

    꾸러기~이? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미쳤나봐. 오빠들

  19. Debra West
    Debra West
    13 hari yang lalu

    Thank you, love your reactions! Please do more!

  20. 304 Aashana Ramavat
    304 Aashana Ramavat
    13 hari yang lalu

    The people who literally raised bts 💜

  21. Noella K
    Noella K
    14 hari yang lalu

    역시 고인물들의 날카로운 리액션이 재미있네요👍

  22. 랑이
    14 hari yang lalu

    애초에 방탄이 뜬 거 자체가 빡센안무 칼군무 이런 게 포인트였는데... 뭔가 거꾸로 가는 느낌 스텝분들이 뭐 젤 잘 아시겠지만(?)여러모로 아쉽네요

  23. Ferial
    15 hari yang lalu

    React to Permission To Dance

  24. 도망가는것은언제나흰둥이야
    15 hari yang lalu

    펄투댄두 해주세요-♡ 기다려어 기다려어!!!

  25. a-wanderingcloud 0-0
    a-wanderingcloud 0-0
    15 hari yang lalu

    I’m loving this channel more and more with each video!! 👏🏻👏🏻

    16 hari yang lalu

    I would say Butter is Jin's Era!

  27. April Balingue
    April Balingue
    16 hari yang lalu

    Yeah Taehyung is very natural, good charming and a unique guy

  28. 껄껄
    17 hari yang lalu

    7:11 큐트피독

  29. Megha
    18 hari yang lalu

    This was so much fun though. Don't stop reactions. Not at all. Never.

  30. Ren Ice
    Ren Ice
    18 hari yang lalu

    PTD reaction video next? 🥺

  31. Avantika D
    Avantika D
    18 hari yang lalu

    Yes pdnim... pls make the songs longer than 3 mins 😭😭 show off their charms 😍

  32. Hobi's preciouseu smile
    Hobi's preciouseu smile
    18 hari yang lalu

    BTS's choreographer (idk his name:( i really wanted to see his reaction to our boys. Thank u sir fir giving us superb content. 😭💜💜

  33. h maroni
    h maroni
    18 hari yang lalu

    Thank you guys for this reaction and to pdogg and mr sung for working with them

  34. h maroni
    h maroni
    18 hari yang lalu

    I also like butter better! This reaction is gold and so funny!

  35. J House
    J House
    19 hari yang lalu

    ARMY realizes that all 7 BTS members are clearly very special human beings, and it's great to see the amazing, phenomenal, expert folks who support and surround them with excellence. This world needs y'all... 💜

  36. 핑크래빗
    19 hari yang lalu

    세 분 넘 좋아요^^

  37. Ana Pera
    Ana Pera
    19 hari yang lalu

    Hope to have more videos like this! It was the best reaction video EVER

  38. Putri Phan
    Putri Phan
    19 hari yang lalu

    Jinnnnnnnnnnnnn 💓💓💓💓💓🤗

  39. Putri Phan
    Putri Phan
    19 hari yang lalu


  40. ale.
    19 hari yang lalu

    i love them

  41. Erika D
    Erika D
    19 hari yang lalu

    They should go back and react to old videos, get some lil details no one knew about

  42. Judy Anne M. Villaflor
    Judy Anne M. Villaflor
    20 hari yang lalu

    they're like proud dads

  43. Jamais Vu
    Jamais Vu
    21 hari yang lalu

    9:39 "The member who improved greatly and showed off great charms in butter is Seokjin" 🥺🥺🥺

    21 hari yang lalu

    I've watched this three times now.. It's so lovely hearing commentary from people who have worked with bts from the beginning. I hope there'll be another one

  45. Needra Fernando
    Needra Fernando
    21 hari yang lalu

    Omg! I love this reaction because you get to hear so much more from the insiders of Big Hit!! So fascinating to hear their thoughts about BTS...my favorite was, "Our little Jungkook grew up so well!!". They are like proud papas! 💜💜💜

  46. amor y mas!
    amor y mas!
    21 hari yang lalu


  47. Yrick Harley Catallo
    Yrick Harley Catallo
    21 hari yang lalu

    reaction for PTD please 🥺🥺🥺

  48. Rose Mary
    Rose Mary
    22 hari yang lalu

    I love this reaction video 💖

  49. ilovementhol
    22 hari yang lalu

    We too, the 88 liners, are the alcohol needing type. Much love to the self-proclaimed dinosaurs of BTS.

  50. Ri Eun
    Ri Eun
    23 hari yang lalu


  51. violet kim
    violet kim
    23 hari yang lalu

    아 이분들 진짜 뿌듯하겠다~ 본인들이 작업한 결과물이기도 하니까! 진짜 리액션 중 가장 조용하다.... ㅎㅎㅎ 아마도 머릿속은 가장 바쁠텐데 ㅋ 뒤에 쫙 풀어주시네요 애정이 느껴집니당 ㅋㅋ

  52. julia fernandez
    julia fernandez
    23 hari yang lalu

    desafortinadamente no se el nombre del coreografo de BTS que ha estado con ellos del principio, pero quiero decirle que es genial y agradecerle todo lo que nos ha mostrado atravez de los BAILES de BTS desde sus comienzos, que nos han asombrado a todos su coreografia junto con el staf de bailarines son geniales, una obra de arte masculina, que nunca vimos, tanto urbana que nos encanta, como clasica, y siempre esperamos lo nuevo que nos mostraran en movimientos y nuevos pasos, con ellos han conquistado a todo publico y nos mantienen siempre a la espectativa de lo que biene, sabemos que siempre saldran pasos para todos los gustos y canciones, por lo que agradecemos sus talentos y los bendecimos , gracias por toda la energia y conocimento que ponen en ello, amamos a BTS con el corazon y deceamos que siempre se mantenga en lo mas alto de la cumbre , y sutedes son la base en donde se apoyan

  53. Misstux Brandi
    Misstux Brandi
    24 hari yang lalu

    I really appreciate our hyungs. Thank you so much for helping our 7 grow. 🙇🏼‍♀️

  54. suflex
    24 hari yang lalu

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  55. Marie C.
    Marie C.
    24 hari yang lalu

    BTS members have really come a long way! Everytime they put out a song, it captures my heart more and more. V does exude a lot of charm, a natural charmer and oh so handsome. Love these 7 guys so much! 💜

  56. marilou arpon
    marilou arpon
    24 hari yang lalu

    im came from phillippines

  57. marilou arpon
    marilou arpon
    24 hari yang lalu

    english sub pls im new subscriber ,when i see the video you are join in maneger team of bts and im quick subscribe in your channel

  58. Jestina Lim
    Jestina Lim
    24 hari yang lalu

    83즈~~ 진지모드조차 너무 재밌어요~^^

  59. Krista B
    Krista B
    24 hari yang lalu

    Thank you for this! Please do this again with food and drinks!!! 💜💜💜

  60. taetae fictions
    taetae fictions
    24 hari yang lalu

    The reaction from the most important people in BTS' life that we all needed.

  61. 유애나늘
    25 hari yang lalu

    어..어디서 많이 봤는데.. 하고 봤더니 성득쌤이였네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  62. Ebiara's
    25 hari yang lalu

    83line lol

  63. JSH아폴로
    25 hari yang lalu

    퍼미션 투 댄스도 부탁합니다. 세분 넘 잼있어요 ㅋㅋ

  64. Vero 1997
    Vero 1997
    25 hari yang lalu

    Love this! So informative, so fun - best reaction video! Please film as "The Mischiefs" again ^^

  65. Killua
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  66. TuwaLiking
    25 hari yang lalu

    Good stuff, love the insight into the production and planning. Thank you!

  67. 제이
    26 hari yang lalu

    리액션도 좋지만 비하인드 위주여도 너무너무너무너무 좋을것 같아요🥺✨💜💜💜💜 뮤비 중간에 멈춰도 되니까 비하인드 많이 부탁드려요 ㅠㅜ💜💜💜

  68. Purplereign army
    Purplereign army
    26 hari yang lalu

    You know it's a JIN thing when he does things that goes against the rules 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Miro Chan
    Miro Chan
    26 hari yang lalu

    I really love them. They are the best my vitamin and happiness ❤❤❤ I love you guys. I'm your fan from Morocco 🥰🥰🥰

  70. Jeon Mahi
    Jeon Mahi
    26 hari yang lalu

    Our Bangtan boy's dance teacher 💜

  71. Hera Fatima
    Hera Fatima
    26 hari yang lalu

    Jungkook is forever going to be the little one in Bighit family. And that's adorable.

  72. Yan soo yan
    Yan soo yan
    26 hari yang lalu

    I was thinking their dance Teacher without facial hair wil look like Suga 😮

  73. guppy
    26 hari yang lalu

    Wow, its been years but Mr Son hasn’t aged at all

  74. 💜knksmyjhpjktjj
    26 hari yang lalu

    Can't wait to see 83L again

  75. 💜knksmyjhpjktjj
    26 hari yang lalu

    Please collab with Bang SiHyuk 😆

  76. 도누니
    27 hari yang lalu

    이 세분 조합 저는 찬성합니다~

  77. Anggunmon Hasnur
    Anggunmon Hasnur
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  78. Crysie joy Casugbo
    Crysie joy Casugbo
    27 hari yang lalu

    Subtitle jebal 😊😁😁😁

  79. Quintilian Movin
    Quintilian Movin
    27 hari yang lalu

    When mr son said he wasnt used to the new logo,i felt relieved for not being used to it to.

  80. 둘도없는지민
    27 hari yang lalu

    너무 좋은데요! 리액션 영상 재밌어요 ㅎㅎ

  81. 지웅
    27 hari yang lalu

    03:09 아하! ARMY를 안무로 표현한 거였군요!

  82. 김성희
    27 hari yang lalu

    지금까지 리액션영상 보면 아미들 전부 쪼꼬만 뮤비 화면에 나도 모르게 집중하며 봤는데, 요기 와선 피독님 성득샘 반응 보느라 얼굴을 더 열심히 봤어요 ㅋㅋㅋ깨알정보 감사합니다!!

  83. 🌓
    28 hari yang lalu

    세분 언제 또 모여주시나요 세분이 뭉치길 간절히 원하는 한 사람으로써 눈 빠지게 기다리고 있답니다

  84. Heidi Mehtar
    Heidi Mehtar
    28 hari yang lalu

    These are the three older cousins who are more like the fun uncles and Steve Aoki is the rich, scary at first but a marshmallow uncle. I love BigHit 💜💜💜🌼

  85. 이지민
    28 hari yang lalu

    우리 성득쌤 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 이제 석지니 오빠두 칭찬해주셨어ㅠㅠㅠ

  86. winniko
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  87. Rhea Mae M. Montales
    Rhea Mae M. Montales
    28 hari yang lalu

    More content with the bighit dinosaurs pleaseeee

  88. Paganini
    28 hari yang lalu

    트렌드 상관말고 그냥 전처럼 긴 곡 써주세요. 방탄이 긴 곡 시작하면 트렌드가 긴 곡으로 바뀔텐데요.

  89. Jackie
    28 hari yang lalu

    For me, this is the only Butter reaction video worth watching 😁☺️💜 I really appreciate the backstory. I hope they do one for Permission to Dance ☺️

  90. Abduwali Army
    Abduwali Army
    28 hari yang lalu

    Hahaha 😂😘

  91. lebo🇿🇦
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    I enjoyed this

  92. eleni_cherie
    28 hari yang lalu

    I loved it :D hope we'll get more reaction videos

  93. borahebangtan
    28 hari yang lalu

    this was seriously the complete package lol- entertaining as all hell, but also offering extremely deep insights into the making of the song and eprformance and hyun was just awesome, serving as the goofball and icebreaker :p tope tier content for sure!!

  94. 더블비Double B
    더블비Double B
    28 hari yang lalu

    พี่ฮยอนเป็นอาร์มี่แหละ ดูออก^^

  95. 더블비Double B
    더블비Double B
    28 hari yang lalu

    LeeHyun is real Army

  96. 채린
    29 hari yang lalu

    역시 회사가 커지고 해도 익숙한 빅힡 고인물분들이 좋타 ,,, 이 세분은 시혁뱅까지 방탄 파면 같이 덕질하게 된다구 ㅎ 내적 친밀감 오짐

  97. vivian
    29 hari yang lalu

    so you can count the clap. it's 9 clap!

  98. weUL IO
    weUL IO
    29 hari yang lalu

    Lee Hyeon hyungnim, There are fake channels on IDclone. Fake HYBE LABELS, fake BIGHIT MUSIC , Fake Bighit MV, Fake BANGTANTV are attacking the true Channels. Please report them before releasing PERMISSION TO DANCE in July 9th. They are steal the views from BTS real MV.

  99. weUL IO
    weUL IO
    29 hari yang lalu

    I know them. Mr Son SungDeuk, Lee Hyeon, Pdogg. Because I voted for Mr Son and Pdogg. And BTS sang the song of Lee Hyeon hyungnim. And BTS said that they like and respect them through their 7's facial expression. 💜💜💜I wish you happiness in the future . Please react to PERMISSION TO DANCE after releasing the single CD on July 9

  100. C L
    C L
    29 hari yang lalu

    is hard to see the mv because of the Subtitles , in this video i see there a lot space on top of they head why not put the mv video there