Jet Engine Thrust Test - Fuel Experiment (Jet-A vs Diesel vs BioDiesel vs HydroDiesel)

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I test run four different fuels in my RC jet engine to see which one makes the most power. Jet A, Diesel, BioDiesel and HydroDiesel which contains 80% Diesel and 20% water.
I first build a jet dynamometer then I put all four fuels to the test with some intense full-throttle runs, the results are very surprising.
The test I run on each fuel is 2 straight 20-second Dyno pulls, this is much much longer than anybody would hold the throttle in the full power position under any use except for maybe a fighter
Chapter Markers Below:
00:00 Intro
00:27 Building Jet Dyno
02:52 Dyno Done
03:18 Fuels I'm Using
03:50 Ice In Fuel
04:58 Thrust Test JET A
07:56 Thrust Test DIESEL
12:03 Thrust Test BioDiesel
15:41 Thrust test HydroDiesel
18:52 Summary of Results
19:07 Sending to Project Farm

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Carbon 12
Produced By: Carbon 12
Directed By: Matt Mikka


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    alex luke
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  8. José Veinte Genario -NISU
    José Veinte Genario -NISU
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    In HydroDiesel, 2% Water emulsion in fuel could be enough, Water cools flame, but does not burn. Are different fuel nozzles needed for each different fuel? Blessings +

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  17. Ayumu Aikawa
    Ayumu Aikawa
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    it's interesting to see the link between the temperature and max thrust/RPM, the Diesel seems to have the best ratio temp/thurst while the hydrodiesel gets the best RPM/temp

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    Michael Zimmermann
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    The diesel will degrade the turbine much quicker due to the carbon in the diesel. Diesel is very unhealthy for a turbines longevity

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    this would be a great video for a magnet high school physics class, or an aerospace 101 class for questions regarding the process. Dyno setup, ambient condition adjustments, etc etc. Remember a pound of GE thrust is NOT the same as a Pratt & Whitney pound of thrust. And this is altogether something different. Ie, we call it "normalizing the data" so you can make a real comparison. Then we can ask the students why they think the fuels are performing different. Get that intellectual curiosity flowing again.

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    Ivan Burns
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    Ivan Burns
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    Mark Bassett
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    1. Warped Perception
      Warped Perception
      10 hari yang lalu

      Radio Controlled

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  98. DrHarryT
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